JumpStart: A Technology Course for Educators

Ready to build a stronger tech foundation?

JumpStart will get you there!


In The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I gave you a huge and comprehensive volume of tech tools you can use inside and outside of the classroom. But to really learn how to use these tools, you need practice.

Some people will get this practice on their own, exploring tools and trying things out until they find what they need. But if you need more structure, a more systematic path through some key foundational tools and skills that will better prepare you for learning more, then JumpStart will be a great fit.

This course would be ideal for a group study, for professional development, or as a curriculum for a college-level teacher preparation course. It could even be used for self-paced independent study.

Course Format

JumpStart Course Manual (PDF): 8 modules, each one containing learning objectives, a discussion of the relevance of the skill taught in the module, instructions for a hands-on task or reflective writing assignment, and a list of criteria for each task.



Rubric Pack (MS Word): 8 separate, editable rubrics — one to assess each module task — perfect for use in a graded course or for peer feedback.



Sample Online Portfolio: Modeling is such a powerful instructional tool! As a student in this course, you will put all your hands-on projects onto your own online portfolio. I have created a sample online portfolio as a model to help you more clearly understand what your finished products should look like.



What You’ll Learn

This course gives you opportunities to get hands-on practice with the following tools and skills:

Cloud Storage: Set up and share documents from a cloud storage system, such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Discussion Tools: Create a support group using Voxer chat or a private Facebook group.

Blogging and Website Building: Create your own blog, which will serve as your online portfolio for the course. Embed interactive posters, slide presentations, and videos right into your portfolio.

Instructional Tools: Create a mind map, a set of online flashcards, or an online survey.

Social Media: Get out of your social media rut and try something new or acquire an advanced skill on a network you’re already using.

Screencasting: Create your own video tutorial using screencasting software.


Skill Level: This course is ideal for people with beginning to intermediate technology skills. If you can use common programs like Microsoft Word, are usually able to locate information online, and can perform basic tasks like sending people links in an e-mail, you will feel appropriately challenged but not over your head in this course.

Professional Development Credit

Those who complete this course are eligible for 35 hours of professional development credit, contingent on approval by your district or state. Information is included in this packet for submitting your completed coursework for a personalized Certificate of Completion for 35 Professional Development Hours.

Click here to see a preview of the 2016 course.

JumpStart is currently being re-vamped for 2017. The new course will still be self-paced, but video tutorials are being created to make every step easy and fun. Check back here in April, when the updated course should be ready!