How Group Licenses Work

Purchasing group licenses for The Teacher’s Guide to Tech or JumpStart is a smart choice that can save everyone in your group a bit of cash.

Here’s how it works:

1. One person purchases the group license. The other group members would reimburse you personally if you are splitting the cost.

2. Within a few hours after your purchase, we will email you with a unique coupon code for your group.

3. Give that code to the other members of your group.

4. Each group member can now create their own free account. They should start by going to the Cult of Pedagogy Classroom¬†and finding the enrollment page for the resource that was purchased (the Teacher’s Guide to Tech, JumpStart Basic, or JumpStart Plus)

5. Once on that page, scroll down to the pricing table at the bottom of the page and select Single User License. Do NOT choose multiple-user licenses–these were already purchased, and your coupon code will not work with those.

6. Finally, click ADD COUPON to enter your coupon code.

This should activate your discount. If it does not, you may have an expired coupon, you may be entering the wrong coupon code, or you may be in the wrong course. Double-check your information and contact us at support@cultofpedagogy if you aren’t able to find a resolution.

Once you have set up a personal account, all the materials will be available to you.