The Teacher’s Guide to Tech

A User-Friendly Encyclopedia of Technology

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by technology?

Do you hear people use unfamiliar tech terms, but are too embarrassed to ask what they mean?

Are you unsure about the best ways to use technology in your classroom to actually enhance student learning, rather than distract from it?

Do you wish someone would just organize all the options and explain them to you in really simple language?

Then you’re going to love The Teacher’s Guide to Tech. Created by Jennifer Gonzalez of Cult of Pedagogy, it’s a digital binder you’ll use all year: Keep it on your desktop, laptop, tablet — even your phone — to help you navigate the tech world with confidence. Like having a tech-savvy friend on call to explain things in plain language, the guide will give you a sense of control over all the options.


The guide explains more than 750 tools in clear, simple language.

All tools are grouped into categories based on what they do. Each section starts with a discussion of classroom applications.


Then it takes one tool at a time, explaining what it does and how you can use it in the classroom. You get a screenshot of the tool in use, plus a link to the tool’s website and a video that shows you how it works.


The Magic is in the Links

Hundreds of links make your reading experience even faster than online. External links take you to related online resources. Internal links let you quickly jump from section to section.




Glossary of Over 160 Tech Terms

Covering everything from really basic stuff like “blog” to more advanced terms like “blockchain.” 

Power Index

If you hear about a tool or a term you’re not sure of — you don’t even know what category it might be in, but you know it has something to do with tech — come to the index. If it’s in the book, it will be in the index, along with a clickable link that will take you straight to the page where that term or tool appears.



To see a collection of sample pages, CLICK HERE.


Works on Multiple Devices

The guide is a PDF, so you can easily use it on your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Keep copies at work, at home, or anywhere in between.

What Teachers Are Saying About the Guide

I purchased the @cultofpedagogy’s #TeachersGuidetoTech and have been BLOWN A…WAY! Wow. So many valuable resources for teachers in one location. Thank you Jennifer Gonzalez and team for putting this together.

Stella Pollard

Science Teacher

The only other thing I wish this tech guide came with was an extra hour a day to go through it! It is amazing! Thanks for all the work you put into this product!

Sarah Bridget L.

TPT Buyer

The middle school where I teach has adopted a Digital Sciences theme. I’m using The Teacher’s Guide to Tech to prepare for this digital theme, and because of it I am both confident and excited about all of the digital possibilities for our school. There is so much technology available that it can feel like too much, but this guide completely removes that sense of being overwhelmed and helps you to easily select what might work for you. I recommended the guide and course to my administration, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to use more technology in their classrooms or in any aspect of their lives.

Christine S.

TPT Buyer

Absolutely wonderful! I love the layout, how similar applications are grouped together, the quick descriptions of each of them, and the links to videos and the websites. So incredibly useful. Thanks so much!! Definitely worth every penny of the money for any teacher who wants to add more tech to their classroom!

Colleen Y.

TPT Buyer

A tremendous learning tool for a 58 year old middle school teacher who wishes she was way more tech informed with way more computer knowledge. I’m referring to myself of course! Thank you so much for this book. Maybe I will gain some tech self esteem. Amazing!!

Nancy L.

TPT Buyer

This is a resource that should be in every teacher’s hands. I find myself looking through it as I plan new units to decide which type of tech to use. Thanks for always thinking of ways to help us. It feels like you are sitting in the classroom with me.

Deborah O.

TPT Buyer

The 2024 guide is now available!!


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