Welcome to JumpStart Plus!!

You’re in! You have now officially enrolled in JumpStart Plus. I am so excited you have you join us!┬áHere’s what to do next:

First, check your inbox. You should have an email from Teachable that contains a link right to the course. Click on that.

Once you’re logged in to the course, start with the Welcome section: Watch the welcome video and follow the steps in the “Do This First” section. Then, whenever you’re ready, start Module 1.

To join the community, wait for an email from us! We are preparing the community for your cohort and will be adding your group a few days before your start date. When it is ready, we will send you an email with further instructions.

If you purchased a multi-user license, we will be contacting you shortly with a coupon code that will give everyone in your group free access to their own personal accounts. If you purchased during regular U.S. business hours, this code should be sent within a few hours; outside of that time it may take a bit longer. If you want to let your group in before getting this access code, they can use your login credentials in the meantime.