What Teachers Are Saying

About JumpStart

I haven’t stopped talking about this course since I began! I’m so proud of my new website and so pleased with what I have accomplished that my family keeps teasing me for bragging about all the new skills I have learned. Nancy Dunlap

High School English Teacher, Lake Elsinore, CA

My school announced it was going 1:1 with little notice. I found myself anxious and cynical, wondering if this decision was a marketing one. This course has shifted my mindset to a much more optimistic one. I have come to believe in the true power of technology in the classroom. Michelle Maher

5th Grade Teacher, Mercer Island, WA

I feel more confident implementing technology after taking this course. I was pretty savvy in some apps and programs, but this course gave me different skills that I wanted to obtain but never sought out on my own. Emily Bourque

Business and Journalism Teacher, Lafayette, LA

I recommend the JumpStart course to other educators because the focus of the course is not solely on tools, rather it enforces that good teaching is what creates effective results in the classroom. The course is appropriately named JumpStart because the integration of the strategies helps the instruction enhance and transform the learning that is taking place. Teachers can use these strategies with any number of tools and take their teaching, classroom environment and student achievement to the next level. Avis Canty-Duck

Title I Instructional Technology Facilitator, Greenville County School District

I have always been intrigued by the novelty for students, however, I didn’t want them lost in the tools disregarding the content or intent. This course keeps the perspective that we first focus on what we want students to do and then think about the most effective engaging way to do that without losing sight of original intent. Tiffany Trevenen

4th Grade Teacher, Craig, CO

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much again for letting me take this course! I have learned a ton of new information from you all and can’t wait to continue to use it in my classroom. I’ve developed more patience with working with technology before implementing it for sure. I really enjoyed this process! Daniel Hoilett

4th Grade Teacher, Taylors, SC

The modules helped me visualize actual assignments or uses for the tools.  Going through each module and actually designing a lesson or activity got my brain spinning – in a good way! – about all the other things I could do with technology.  Another great part for me was genuinely using the tech tools; I didn’t feel that I was curating links just to curate links; I wasn’t inserting QR codes just to say I did. I found an instant, valid use for each tech tool and it got me excited about getting back into the classroom. Hailey Q. Levin

Chemistry teacher, Anacortes, WA

I have never been afraid of technology, but as both a mom and a teacher it is hard to carve out time to learn new technology skills. I intentionally took this course because the quality of your work is amazing and I knew it would force me to find the time to learn. I’m so glad that I did because the tools I have learned have already been put to use in my classroom this year! I want to learn even more, and that, perhaps, is the biggest takeaway–a renewed passion for learning! Sara Tuttle

6th Grade Science Teacher, Greenville County, SC

My most important takeaway from this course is that technology not only helps students be more engaged, but it also allows me to more effectively differentiate my instruction. Technology should be used for a reason. Purposefully integrating technology allows me to reach more students and provide students more choice in the mode that they learn and interact with a concept. I think this course has helped me recommit to raising the level of my purposefully designed instruction overall.

Sonja Everson

4th Grade Teacher, WA